Features of SHATAM Ayurved Covid Care Centre

Medical Facilities :

  • India’s first NOT for Profit Government certified Ayurveda covid care centre


  • AYUSH  approved Ayurvedic  Panchgavya based Medicine protocol


  • Every 2 hrly checking of Covid positive cases with modern and Ayurvedic parameters


  • 24 hr Oxygen support


  • 24 hr availability of medical and Para medical staff


  • Pure panchgavya and Ayurvedic Medicines made under at GMP certified pharmacy norms


  • Patient safety first - we provide round the clock services of allopath practitioners also


  • Entire  staff  follows sterilization practices, use ppe kits  and all other safety norms


  • Hygiene and sterilization


  • We maintain daily sterilization practices as prescribed by norms


  • Regular room cleaning services


  • Complete room sterilization after discharge of covid positive case


  • House keeping a phone call away


  • Implementation of Go Green initiatives


  • Safe and secure Stay

  • Personal ultra luxury rooms with all facilities of Patria suits and  hotels


  • 20 minutes exposure to sunlight, to promote generation of Natural vitamin D in the body, facility available in the room.


  • Security of Patria suits


  • 24 hrs Ambulance service


  • Safe disposal of bio medical waste


  • Food and beverages

  • Hygienic and tasty food by  Patria hotels Chef Team


  • Full time available dietician  Ayurved for guidence


  • Morning breakfast, Noon lunch and Evening dinner


  • Ayurvedic Immunity Booster Kadha


  • Immunity booster - Desi Gir Gau milk with Haldi powder


  • Best quality Spices used to make food  healthy and tasty


  • Special WELLNESS Experts and YOGA Sessions

Exclusive feature of the center - Health tips as take away to remain healthy post corona too.

Learn the ways to boost up immunity

We are the only one,  giving you Preventive health awareness along with Cure because we want you to remain healthy always

Affordable Treatment

All above services at affordable rates

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